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- Doha Conference for the support of development and investment in the Comoros

The international conference for the support of development and investment in the Comoros was held on the 9th and 10th  of March 2010 at the Ritz-Carlton  Doha, Qatar, in response to the President of the Union of Comoros, HE Ahmed Abdallah Sambi’s invitation to Arab investors to support the Comoros.


The Arab League and the United Nations have endorsed the first conference of its kind to attract regional, international and Arab countries to assist the Comoros in an institutional framework. A remarkable effort being necessary for good development, the core element of the collective Arab support will facilitate the participation of all countries as well as European, American, international and regional organizations.


In providing data about the opportunities and attractive projects that are now available in Comoros, and to secure the rules for the effective participation of all sectors, the private sector and the government have exposed hundreds of lucrative opportunities and invited businessmen to invest in the various infrastructure projects needed by the young republic.

- Comoros Investment Forum in Kuwait

Under the sponsorship of His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Abdallah Sambi, the President of the Union of the Comoros and in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Union of Comoran Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Comoro Gulf Holding organized the first Comoros Investment Forum on the 12th &13th January 2010.


The forum introduced Comoros Islands as “the place to discover”, as “the smart choice for pioneers and visionaries”, and being a land of new and alternative investment opportunities. The CIF promoted the Comoros through emphasizing available investment opportunities in a futuristic perspective to highlight the financial & economic sense of investing in the Comoros.


It also strived at facilitating and encouraging the Arab–Comoran business by presenting actual profitable experiences of Arab investors such as that of Comoro Gulf Holding (CGH), a leading Arab company with strong local presence.


During the exhibition about Comoros, workshops and presentations of projects, a football game, a gala dinner, and several entertainment activities were included. Among the attendees there were top Kuwaiti investors, Comorian governmental leaders, and representatives of inter-governmental organizations from both countries (Kuwait and the Comoros).

- Comoremploi, Comoros First Employment Forum

Comoro Gulf Holding and the Union of Comoros Chambers of Commerce, in Cooperation with the Comoran government have organized Comoremploi, Comoros first employment forum taking place in the capital of Comoros Islands Moroni between the 5th & 6th of October 2009. The forum aims at providing job opportunities in the Gulf Countries to Comoran people and establishing professional training centers in Comoros to help prepare Comoran nationals for the local as well as internationl job market.  

- CGH Wins the UCCIA Trophee for Promoting Comorian Economy

The Comorian Union of the Chambers of Commerce and Agriculture (UCCIA) has awarded a trophee to Comoro GUlf Holding (CGH) for promoting the Comorian economy. This prize won by CGH represents the recognition as well as appreciation of Comoros Islands for  the continual hard work and contribution of CGH to the economic and social development of the country.


A survey about the the meaning of the colors in the Comoros flag indicated that 60% of the population were not aware of the answer.
The colors of the horizontal stripes stand for the four islands: yellow is for (Mohéli), white for (Mayotte), red for (Anjouan) and blue for (Grand Comore).

Blue stripe for Grand Comore, which has a mainly blue island flag;
stripe for Anjuoan, which has a mainly red island flag;
for Mayotte
triangle for the Islamic heritage whose flags have been mainly green.
stripe for Moheli, which has had mainly yellow flags and has now a mainly red flag but with a large yellow part, a color which is missing in all islands'flags


1.Celebrations in Comoros means eating big. If you step foot on Mohéli in July or August, you will certainly have a chance to take part to a “Grand mariage” (literally great wedding), which festivities can last for more than a week. The most elaborate sometimes require more than 3 years of planning. Among the other different manifestations, you will see dances like the wadaha (women’s dance), the chigoma (men’s dance), or the diridji (men’s danse around a table). You will admire the jewels and beauty masks of the women. The gala evening is for both men and women, and you might be invited to dance along. The most spectacular of all certainly is the tam tam boeuf, where men defy a bull dancing before letting it go run in the streets.

2.There are many things to be done on Mohéli. The first is to relax and enjoy the different pace of life, talk to the people and listen to their beautiful stories. However, if you are looking for action packed adventure, you can hike across the island on tracks of virgin rainforest, accompanied by a guide. You can also cycle around the island, on virtually empty roads, to feel freer than ever. 

3.There are many beautiful beaches where you can swim. The most beautiful certainly are Sambadjou (Ouallah 2), Nioumachoua, and the beaches of the offshore islets. You should also snorkel to discover a very rich marine life within the marine park, or better yet, go look for whales and dolphins with our special eco-guides. If you don’t like being on a boat, you can at least watch giant sea turtles lay their eggs at night on Itsamia beaches.

4.The show also takes place on our beautiful forests, with hundreds of interesting plant species, some waterfalls, and the intriguing Livingstone bat, the biggest in the world. But you should not leave the island before having participated in some cultural activity, may it be a feast, a tam tam boeuf, or a bal poussière.