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Existing Projects:    

Comoros United Company for Publishing & Distribution:

• Affiliate of Al Waseet International, publishing a weekly classified newspaper. 
• Al Balad, a daily newspaper providing local & international news in both Arabic & French languages.
• Outdoor advertising consisting of 200 sign boards distributed proportionally in best locations in the three islands.

Banque Fédérale De Commerce - BFC (Federal Bank of Commerce)

CGH has established a bank under the laws of the Comoros Islands in alliance with  Al Mawarid Bank, one of the top ten banks in Lebanon and with a capital of 10,000,000 Euros. BFC has correspondent banking in 20 main countries and will provide the top 14 most required services in the banking sector.

Itsandra Beach Hotel

Situated at the best location in Grande Comore, a four star boutique resort near the capital of Moroni is operated by the Group. It comprises  24 rooms, 2 luxurious suits, 15 bungalows, 2 restaurants, a night club, a pub, children playgrounds and recreational facilities.

Itsandra Beach Hotel phase 2 includes the construction of a new block consisting of 50 rooms, Tennis court, Swimming pool, Gym & Spa, and a casino.

Comoro Combined Group: Comoro Gulf Holding and Combined Group, the fifth largest construction company in Kuwait are forging a partnership to execute major projects in the three islands with new heavy duty construction equipment.

Grande Comore Corniche

Moroni Beach Front: A spectacular beachfront land of 6.8 hectares at the center of Moroni Corniche will include a combination of touristic and business facilities such as 4 star hotel, offices, marina quay, coffee shops, restaurants, a traditional souk and a complex of furnished apartments.

Comoro Gulf Aviation:

Comoro Gulf Aviation “CGA” is a company registered under the laws of the Union of Comoros and with international certification. It is established by Comoro Gulf Holding to offer airline and aviation services including the operation of helicopters serving domestic travel between the islands.

Sea Taxi:

A fleet of passenger & cargo boats as well as ROROs is planned for upgrading transportation and shipping between the islands
A ferry service is envisaged to provide safe, affordable, round the clock daily connections with international standards and under the international security laws.


Twama is a company registered in the Comoros under the umbrella of Comoro Gulf Holding who obtained the 2nd GSM license in the Union of Comoros for the duration of 30 years.

Future Projects:

Jannet Al Kamar: Includes freehold concessions on a beautiful 1,260-hectare land located directly on the beach front.

Fishing: Comoros Islands has 40 kinds of Fish, in demand all over the world and has signed an MOU with one of the biggest companies in Kuwait and will own and manage a fleet of special fishing ships with up-to-date equipments.

Commodities: CGH and “Webcor Group” are partnering to supply all major commodities in wholesale.

Gas Distribution: CGH is investing to privatize the retail and wholesale Gas and oil distribution through an exclusive private company.

Electricity: CGH is investing to privatize the Electricity sector and increase electricity generation and is working to provide electrical energy and installing electricity stations lampposts & prepaid counters.